APS 15910

1 1/2″ Dry Break Coupler


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Heavy duty dry break quick disconnect with S/S ball race ring to resist wear. Fast change from overwing to underwing nozzle no spill from hose. Fast operation connect on disconnect in seconds, without tools. To connect, pull back the sleeve, push the connector in the coupler, and release the sleeve. To disconnect, pull back the sleeve coupler and connector halves separate. The valve opens automatically when the halves are connected.

Dependable Operation

The ball-lock mechanism is the simplest, most reliable type in use, providing positive connection under constant or surge flow – even excessive shock. Ball bearing sleeve lock permits 360° swivel action, preventing build-up of hose torque. Hardened stainless steel balls give extra long service. Stainless steel ball race resists wear for longer life. Molded U-Packer seal provides contact over several times the normal O-ring sealing area. Its design embodies a selfenergizing feature that gives a positive seal at all pressures. This seal is capable of sealing under side loads and will tolerate small scratches and some dirt without leakage.

Tight Seal Disconnected

The poppet has a metal-to-metal stop to control compression on the valve O-ring seal. The seal is recessed and wedged in the couple body to keep it in place. The stop also prevents poppet blow-out.

Low Pressure Drop Design

  • 1 ½” size: 2.6 psi @ 50 gpm
  • 2″ size: 2.9 psi @ 100 gpm

All couplers and actuators are made of aluminum unless stated otherwise. They are NOT designed for suction service.

1 1/2″ Drybreak Coupler Swivel Coupler has a ball-lock mechanism is the simplest, most reliable type in use. Providing positive connection under constant or surge flow.