APS 16315

Aqua-Glo Water Detector Kit


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AQUA GLO SERIES V WATER DETECTOR New Automatic Power Switching external power supply as well as internal battery 120/220 volts 50-60 Hz Nickel Cadmium rechargeable battery. Fully Instrumented – to eliminate human error. Detects presence of free water within 1.5 ppm. Test completed in less than 2 minutes. Portable – light weight – 8 pounds Permanent fluorescing standard. Can be recalibrated in the field. The test requires two simple steps. First, a measured sample of fuel is passed through a paper pad that is treated with sodium fluorescein on its upstream surface. Second, the pad is compared with a fluorescing standard in ultraviolet light. Water droplets that are smaller than the eye can see will cause the sodium fluorescein to fluoresce. The degree of fluorescence is greater for increasing amounts of water in the fuel. The AQUA-GLO Kit employs this unique approach in the determination of the degree of flouorescence (or water content). A single, permanent fluorescing standard is positioned under a photographic-type iris diaphram which can be opened or closed to increase or decrease the amount of ultraviolet light. To determine water content, the operator merely adjusts the diaphragm lever arm until the fluorescing standard and the test pad show equal brightness in the ultraviolet light. This balance is reached when the zero centering ammeter reads ZERO. The amount of water is read in parts per million (ppm) on the diaphragm lever arm scale which has been pre-calibrated in the factory. The scale numbers range from 1 to 12. These numbers are in parts per million (ppm) if the test sample of fuel that flowed through the pad was 500 ml. However, if water content is as great as 60 ppm, the test sample can be reduced to 100 ml. When a 100 ml sample is taken, the operating instructions explain that the scale.