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Aviation Grade Swivel & Seal Grease (1 Tube)



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  • Features

    • FDA Petrolatum 14.5oz
    • Petroleum Jelly CFD 172,880

APS has packed this industry-accepted, FDA foodgrade (CFR 172.880) petrolatum in handy 14.5 oz tubes, designed to fit standard grease guns, but can also be used on the bench.

NOTE: Be careful when using a grease gun to lubricate a swivel. It is critical that excessive lubricant NOT be injected. Excess lube can find its way into the fuel, and this is not good. We strongly suggest all hose reel swivels and similar items be equipped with not only a grease fitting, but a relief as well. This prevents grease pressure from building up inside, and possibly allowing grease to enter the fuel. DO NOT apply excessive grease. Rotate the swivel as you grease it for best results.