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Continuity Tester Go/No Go


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  • Type

    Go-No Go Continuity Tester.

  • Set Point

    25 Ohms (default). Option 1 to 40 Ohms.

  • Test Frequency

    200 tests per second.

  • Display Update

    Every 100 tests (0.5 seconds).

  • LED

    Dual color high intensity (Red/Green).

  • Display

    Two digit 7 segment LCD, 12mm character height. Selectable on or off in software.

  • Housing

    High visibility orange impact resistant PA6 Polyamide.

  • Battery

    Lithium Thionyl Chloride 3.6V.

  • Microprocessor

    Atmel AVR EXMEGA 16A 4U.

  • Flying Leads

    2 x 0.65m long, with plugs/clips.

  • ATEX Approval

    Ex II 2G Ex ib IICT4 Gb.

  • Approval Certificate

    ZELM13 ATEX 0509.

  • Operating Temperature

    -10 to +45 degC.

This Meter is a foolproof Go/No Go device which can be used by non skilled personnel, and it is controlled by a microprocessor which offers significant operational advantages. Simply touching the clips together switches the it on. It self checks calibration and available battery power and only then allows the test to proceed. It uses a single dual colour light emitting diode (LED) to indicate the condition of the bonding system under test, which makes the results very simple to interpret. If the system resistance is less than the set point, the LED will flash Green (Pass). If the system resistance is more than the set point, the LED will flash Red (Fail). The default set point is 25 Ohms which is in accordance with the JIG Guidelines for aviation fuel systems, but alternative set points can be specified at the time of order placement. In addition, throughout the test, a two figure digital display tells the operator the actual system resistance (in Ohms). The housing is ergonomically designed to be comfortably held in the hand and is moulded from impact resistant Polyamide, so it is lightweight, robust, and is highly portable.