APS 15763

Ground Verification Clamp and Cable Unit


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The Clamp and Cable Unit is designed to drain static charges built up on vehicles, railcars and other metal liquid tank containers. The clamp unit is designed to be connected, via two wires, to the Groundhog grounding verification system. When the clamp is attached to bare metal on the tank container, the system utilizes an intrinsically safe signal to verify that a proper static bond exists during liquid transfer operations. If the clamp is not properly attached to the tank vehicle, the system will not allow product to transfer. If at any time during the transfer process the clamp is disconnected, the system will send a signal to stop the product transfer. The clamp and cable unit is connected to a heavy duty, weatherproof junction box. The junction box acts as a housing to connect the cable wires and the controller wiring. In the event of a drive-away, the cable pulls out of the junction box. This maintains vapor tight safety and prevents damage at the control monitor. Other systems without a junction box disconnect and may allow nonintrinsically safe signals within the liquid transfer environment during a drive-away accident.