APS 16421

Mechanical Braided Rope Packing


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Construction: Multi-Lok Braid Features:A pure homogenous graphite bonded to a fiberglass carrier for strength and thermal stability. It has been tested by third party independent test laboratories and shown to be rugged enough to pass the most stringent test recognized by the API and Valve Manufactures (API 607, 4th edition fire test passed. Fugitive Emission test less than 100 ppm.) Also available with an active zinc corrosion inhibitor coating and a passive corrosion inhibitor coating Limitations: 1200F/649C in steam and 850F/454C in oxidizing atmosphere. Pressures up to 4500p.s.i. Has a pH range of 0-14 and shaft speeds up to 4000 fpm. Construction: Multi-Lok Braid Features: Graphaseal has a solid graphite jacket that prevents leakage associated with many braided products. It is furnished in spirals which makes it easy to install. One spiral does the job of many die-formed rings. Graphaseal conforms to requirements of API 589 and API 607 fire test. Available in 5 foot spirals or die-formed rings. 1/8 inch and up cross section in 1/16 inch increments. Applications: Recommended for critical valve stems, rising steam applications, compliance valves, sealing volatile organic and inorganic chemicals and high speed pumps. Limitations: Steam 1200F/635C; 5000F/2760C in non-oxidizing atmosphere. Has a service pressure of 4000p.s.i. (275 bar) and a pH range of 0-14. Operates at speeds up to 4000 fpm (20m/s).