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Small filter housing which uses the ACO 60901P 6th Edition Aquacon Cartridge.

Wide variety of applications Free and emulsified water to less than 5 ppm 1/2 micron particulate removal Provides protection againstslugs of water Pressure increase signals cartridge change These filter housings are versatile housings designed for use with several different high performance Aquacon and other filter cartridges. Refer to the cartridge selection table on page 3 for application and other details. Aquacon cartridges filter out water by chemically locking it into layers of super-absorbent media. Water capacity is as much as 11/2 quarts, depending on the specific vessel and cartridge. These cartridges also effectively filter out dirt, rust and other particulates. (See caution, back cover.) As an Aquacon cartridge reaches its water-holding limit, the media expands very rapidly and restricts the flow. The pressure drop will rapidly increase, signaling the need to change cartridges. The VF-61, with Aquacon ACO series cartridges installed, has become the standard for low flow rate full flow aviation fuel monitor applications. Jet Fuel Oils: Insulating Hydraulic Lubricating Avgas Motor Gasoline Diesel Fuel Compressed Air Biodiesel Other Gasses Selected Solvents