American Petroleum Services


Aircraft Refueling

Aircraft Refueling covers all types of Mobile Aircraft Refuelers which include Hydrant Service Vehicles, Tankers, etc. and the necessary material and components that are found as required equipment for Airport Refueling Operations.

These products are an integral part of APS’s standard inventory and are readily available and meet all the latest specifications standards necessary for Aircraft Refueling.


Terminal Equipment

American Petroleum Services, LLC has a multitude of specialty product lines that cover the required fields that are independent yet integrated in the terminal facility.

Each area of concentration is critical and to meet stringent industry compliance and our products and expertise to help in the selection of equipment required within each discipline.


Quality Control

The handling storage and dispensing of Aviation Fuel requires fuel servicing equipment that adheres to standards and requirements for fixed facilities as well as mobile fueling vehicles. There is required specialized equipment necessary to maintain standards and ensure that aircraft fuel quality and fueling safety are maintained to an acceptable level.

APS is a distributor of these products and has over 30 years of experience supplying aviation fuel and quality control products.



APS is a specialized equipment supplier for military aviation throughout the US as well as overseas installations. As a minority owned small business concern and having cage code Oyup2 it supplies the DLA to their required depots through EDI.

As equipment distributors, APS sells to all facets of the military and their land based facilities and provide a cost effective source to help DLA provide safe, operationally effective, and economic fueling systems.

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